Is your home over 30 years old? If yes, we highly recommend that you have your wiring inspected. Faulty wiring is an urgent electrical hazard.


Dangers of Deteriorated Wiring

Deteriorated electrical wiring is dangerous, and can cause house fires.

Old wires and cables were insulated with rubber, which tends to degrade and crumble away over time. Exposed wires can cause regular electrical faults and fires.

Modern wires are insulated with PVC, which is durable and has low conductivity. Modern PVC cables are usually white or grey, not black like old rubber cables.

Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

If any of the following applies to your home, you’ll need to get your wiring inspected and updated right away.

  • The wires in your home are black.
  • Your lights flicker regularly.
  • Appliances often switch off due to a power overload.
  • You can hear a faint buzzing sound coming from switches or light fixtures.
  • The porcelain fuses in your fuse box are very hot.
  • You can smell burning rubber.
  • You can see signs of dodgy, DIY wiring, e.g. wires running along skirting boards.
  • Your light fittings and power points are not earthed

If you have any doubts about the quality and age of your home’s electrical wiring, or the electrical wiring of a property you wish to purchase, it’s best to be safe and get your wiring inspected. A standard building inspection does not include the inspection of electrical wiring. Also keep in mind that a new switchboard does not mean the property has been rewired.

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