Outdoor Lighting Considerations

Outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor spaces into functional, safe and beautiful areas.

Here are three fantastic benefits of outdoor lighting:

  • Outdoor lighting improves security in access areas and dark corners
  • Garden lighting improves the appearance of your property, creating drama and showcasing important features.
  • Garden lighting gives you functionality by ensuring your outdoor living spaces can be used at night.
Garden Lighting
Garden Lighting
Garden Lighting

Types of Garden Lighting

There are many, many choices of lighting available to you. We recommend LED garden lights, as they are energy efficient and last much longer than conventional bulbs.

  • To increase safety and security, install step lights and motion sensor lights near doors and gates.
  • For a pathway or garden bed, opt for spike, spot or bollard lights. Avoid positioning on both sides of a pathway; less is more when it comes to garden lighting.
  • When it comes to creating drama, you can’t go wrong with spotlights and floodlights. Positioned upwards, spotlights can illuminate garden features. Floodlights are best used to highlight your house.
  • Looking for something less dramatic? Coach lights positioned on a deck can create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your family and guests.
  • If you live by the sea it’s best to use outdoor lights made of marine grade stainless steel, polycarbonate or aluminum. These materials will increase durability and minimise erosion.

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

Whilst some lights you can install yourself – fairly lights, solar lights etc, we recommend that you leave the installation of outdoor lighting to professionals who will build systems that comply with all relevant safety standards.

For example, outdoor light fittings and switches should all be weatherproofed and rated to their appropriate locations. We use extra low voltage (ELV) cable – plus PVC protection when it is to be buried.

The team at Need An Electrician has many years’ experience in designing beautiful outdoor lighting schemes. We’ve installed lighting for those who want to bring out the best bits of their entertainment areas, gardens, pool or water features.

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