To ensure you and your family are safe. As wires age, they become brittle and unsafe. Sometimes rodents get into your roof or wall spaces and chew your wires. This hidden danger is a very real fire risk. And, as you acquire new appliances, the put extra load on your electrical system – often in excess of what it was originally designed for. It is really important to have your electrical system and smoke alarms checked regularly.
  • First we’ll inspect your system. We‘ll inspect the power coming into your house; your switchboard and the cabling. Then we check the connections; the protective devices and your earthing system. We also inspect and test your smoke alarms, replace their batteries and inspect your down lights.
  • Next, we’ll ask you a few questions. We have a checklist of questions we like to run through, including your power bills; maintenance done before; loose or broken power points and switches; any noises, burning smells, electrical flashes or lights that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. We’ll ask you how well your electrical system works on extreme days, i.e. does the system overload on hot days?
  • Then, we’ll talk about safety and hazards. We‘ll try to determine if there is any concerns and if you are having any particular troubles with your electrical system…and if it‘s healthy! Yes, it is just like going to the Doctor for a check-up.
  • Finally, we’ll give you a complete written report on the condition of your electrical system with any recommendations.
We will sit down and fully discuss our findings with you. If remedial work is required we will present you with some cost effective alternatives to consider along with a fixed price to get your system back up to scratch.
Depends. In most cases it is actually more cost effective for you to have the fault repaired while we are on site. Some things may require immediate attention; others may not need repairing right away, maybe in 6 or 12 months’ time. We will fully discuss the options with you.
We charge a $55 call out fee, we come out and give you an upfront price before we start any work. If you are happy to go ahead with the work, we waive the call out fee and start straight away!

We found that with upfront pricing, we could do a better quality job as we didn’t have the pressure of customers holding a stopwatch on us.

More often than not, we can complete your job straight away. If we can’t, we will book in a time that suits you.
We have multi licensed technicians. We have helpful, friendly and knowledgeable electricians that have years of experience!
The 9 Excellent Reasons to Call Need an Electrcians Today!

In addition I offer the following guarantees…

  • On Time Guarantee And We Will Never Be Late
  • Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority
  • Workmanship Guaranteed For A Decade
  • Organised And Tidy Tradesmen
  • Price Approved Before We Start The Job
  • Multi-Licensed And Experienced Technicians
  • Immediate Response During Urgent Situations
  • 198 Point Safety Inspections For FREE
  • Over The Phone Assistance And Support
The most common form of payment is credit card, and we have a mobile eftpos facility available in every van.