Solar Maintenance

These are a regular care given to solar panel usually by keeping the solar panels clean of dirt or environmental element that can distort panels from absorbing sunlight. Solar panel maintenance is very important. If the panel is obstructed from sunlight, this reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed by the panels that in turn […]

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Emergency and Exit Lighting Installation Standards in Sydney

Emergency and exit lights are great additions to both residential and commercial structures. But benefiting from these fixtures requires that certain installation guidelines be followed to the letter.

In Sydney, Installation Guidelines For Emergency And Exit Light Installation Are The Following:

All fire-isolated stairways, ramps, or passageways.
Each storey of a Class Five, […]

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Purpose Of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom Exhaust fans are the special ventilating devices that are used to remove moisture-rich and humid air from your bathroom enabling the drier outside air to replace it and keep your bathrooms dry and odour-free. Though the main purpose of the bathroom exhaust fan is to liven up your bathroom atmosphere, but it also […]

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Causes of Rising Damp

Building foundations typically have a Damp Proof Course, also known as DPC. A DPC is a simple barrier between the foundation above the ground level and the main wall of the house. The material should stop any possibility of damp rising through this barrier.
Rising damp problems often occur as a result of not […]

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Why You Need to Rewire Your Old House

Electricity hаѕ еxіѕtеd іn Sуdnеу, Auѕtrаlіа since the nineteen hundreds, wіth the mаjоrіtу of houses uѕіng it from thе 1940s tо 1950ѕ. Arоund the time of еlесtrісаl еxраnѕіоn саmе аmbіtіоuѕ building рrоjесtѕ across thе соuntrу, uѕіng оld techniques to wire рrореrtіеѕ. Although mаnу properties wіll hаvе ѕіnсе hаd nеw wіrіng іnѕtаllеd, thеrе іѕ a […]

Samil Power Model Solar River Series Solar Inverter – Common Error and Fault Readings

Energy bill higher than usual?

Installer gone broke?

Out of manufacturer’s warranty by just a few months?

Samil Power’s solar inverters are manufactured in China. However, the company has head offices around the world, including Australia, Germany, UK and the US. Samil specialises in PV grid inverter technology. Samil manufacturers high quality inverters that rarely has any […]