checklistThere’s no doubt about it, we spend the most money on energy during the colder months. Here’s a handy energy saving checklist that you can use to cut power costs this winter.


  • Use appliances during off-peak periods, if possible
  • Use LED lamps
  • Opt for task lighting
  • Consider movement detecting lights in high traffic areas

Retaining Heat

  • Ensure windows are covered with thick blinds or curtains
  • Consider home insulation to help keep heat indoors
  • Seal gaps surrounding doors to prevent draughts
  • Layer clothing and use blankets before turning on heater


  • Set heater or air conditioner temperature to 24 degrees, no higher
  • Use ceiling fans in reverse, if possible
  • Opt for solar powered outdoor lighting
  • Ensure electrical blankets are in perfect working order
  • Use laptop over desktop PC when possible
  • Set computer screensaver to blank
  • Charge laptops, phones, and tablets during off-peak periods

When Washing Clothes

  • Use clothesline instead of dryer where possible
  • Wash with cold water only

When cooking

  • Don’t use large stove elements with small saucepans
  • Use kettle over microwave to heat water
  • Clean oven glass so you don’t need to open oven to check food
  • Check your fridge seal and ensure there are no leakages
  • Increase fridge temperature by 1 or 2 degrees

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