How to Power more Equipment without Using Power Boards

Any home built over 15 years ago wasn’t designed to accommodate the number of electronics that need to be plugged in today. Most households use power boards to make up for this, which isn’t the safest option. Instead, many new homes are having four way power points installed, which streamline wires and cords, and […]

The New Way to Charge Electronic Devices

Does your household have enough power points? The answer is probably no. With the average Australian household owning more than 8 internet connected devices that all need daily charging, old fashioned outlets just don’t cut it.
USB Wall Charger Power Outlets
Luckily, power outlets are starting to change to suit our technology-filled lifestyles. You can now […]

How to Deter Burglars

Did you know there were almost 19,000 break-ins in 2014 in Sydney?

Many break-ins occur during the holiday period when families leave their homes and go on holiday. With the Easter break just around the corner, there is no better time to take the steps toward deterring burglars. The more difficult you make it for […]

How to Choose the Correct Ceiling Fan in 10 Steps

Ceiling fans are an effective, low-cost way of cooling down your home. Choosing the correct ceiling fan will maximise its cooling effect.

Here are 10 steps to follow when choosing a ceiling fan.
1. Location
Is your ceiling fan going inside or outside? Is it for a large living space, or a bedroom? The location of your […]

10 Tips For Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform a dark back garden into a stunning, functional space. Here are our top 10 tips for well-designed outdoor lighting:
1. Don’t Overdo It
Sometimes less is more. Too many lights can make your house look silly! You want to create contrast between illuminated areas and dark areas. Have outdoor lighting installed selectively […]