Any home built over 15 years ago wasn’t designed to accommodate the number of electronics that need to Four Way Power Pointsbe plugged in today. Most households use power boards to make up for this, which isn’t the safest option. Instead, many new homes are having four way power points installed, which streamline wires and cords, and protect the home from potential danger.

The Dangers of Power Boards

Power boards must be used properly. If not, they become an electrical hazard. Safe power boards are well ventilated, clean and undamaged. But that’s easier said than done.

Just think about the power board shoved behind the TV cabinet. It probably isn’t well ventilated, and it could be covered in dust, which could result in an electrical fire. Plus, as soon as your power board shows signs of damage, it needs to be replaced. That’s just one more thing for you to worry about.

Four Way Power Points

Four way power points are basically built-in power boards, but much safer! You can get rid of double adaptors and power boards forever. And, with less surface for dust to accumulate on, you can reduce the chance of an electrical fire.

Where to Use Four Way Power Points

  • In the kitchen. Microwave, toaster, kettle, blender, coffee maker, food processor, mixer… modern kitchens are filled with timesaving appliances. Four way power points will allow you to keep the essentials plugged in, with room for extras.
  • In the bedroom. A two way power point at your bedside just doesn’t cut it. A lamp, phone charger, laptop charger, alarm clock, and fan or electric blanket – you’ll probably want at least three of these things plugged in when you go to bed.
  • In the living room. This is where you’ll find a power board in almost every home. Not only do we need our electronics – TV, DVD player, game console, etc plugged in, but we also need space to charge our phone or laptop, and somewhere to plug in lamps, a fan or heater.
  • In the office. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy can be hard, particularly when you have a tangle of wires on your desk or at your feet. You probably have your computer, printer, modem, phone charger, reading lamp and maybe a separate monitor plugged in at your desk.

Four way power points are popular in new builds, but you don’t need a new home in order to enjoy the benefits. You can have existing power points upgraded, and we are offering some great deals on four way power points this month only. Visit our April Specials page to learn more. Call us on 1300 191 330 or send us an email.