You never know what could be going on with your wiring unless you get it inspected. Just wait until you hear how a rat nearly killed me!

Old or faulty wiring can be an urgent electrical hazard, and must be tended to immediately. If you’re not sure about the state of your electrical wiring, it might be best to have it check out.

 A Close Callelectrical wiring

I was up in the roof of a house in Rozelle, investigating the roof cavity and planning the wiring layout for the additional lights. The cavity was low, so I had to lie down to inspect the area and see where we were going to run the cables. I stretched my arm out to feel how much room I had.

All of a sudden I got the shock of my life – literally! My chest tightened, vision blurred, muscles tensed. My whole body was shaking.

I’d touched a hidden cable that was live. It was chewed by a rat! Had there been a safety switch installed in the switchboard on the lighting circuit, I would not have been electrocuted.

Goes to show you never know what’s lurking in your roof and walls. Unfortunately, this could happen to you at any time. Old wiring was often cotton covered and encased in steel conduit, and it becomes very brittle over time and often burns out. You wouldn’t know if the wiring was burnt out until it started smoking.

Signs of Deteriorated Wiring

Whether there’s a rat chewing up your electrical wires, or the wires are just old and breaking down, here are a few signs your home may need rewiring:

  • The lights in your home flicker regularly, and you can hear a faint buzzing when you turn them on.
  • You can see signs of poorly executed wiring. This may be a wire running along skirting boards, different wires taped together, etc.
  • The wires in your house are black.
  • Appliances switch off due to power overload all the time.

If you suspect you’ve had critters in your walls, roof or under the house, you need to have your wiring inspected. And even if you don’t, any home that hasn’t been rewired in the last 15 years is at risk. We value the safety of our customers’ homes, so this month we are offering a great discount on wiring inspections. Visit our Specials page to learn more.

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Image: caroline baker