Switchboard Upgrade – Do I Need One?

Have you heard the horror stories? Well, we don’t want to scare you, but an old, overloaded switchboard is a serious fire hazard that not enough homeowners think about.

The thing is, old switchboards were designed to cope with the average household’s electricity use at the time. Think about how much has changed since the […]

When do I need a Sydney Electrician?

We may be a nation of DIYers, but electrical work should only be done by a licensed electrician or registered electrical contractor. So, the answer is simple: unless you’re changing a light bulb, you need a Sydney electrician for all electrical work.
The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work
Don’t be fooled – electrical work is complex […]

Up to Half of all Fire Fatalities Could Have Been Prevented?

One of life’s most confronting and terrible truths is that one third to a half of house fire fatalities may have been prevented if the homes had a working smoke alarm, according to Fire Investigation and Research Unit case study research.

When it comes to smoke alarms, don’t cut corners. While battery powered smoke alarms […]

Why Every Home Needs a Working Smoke Detector

No only do smoke detectors save properties, they save lives. They detect fire smoke much sooner than anyone sleeping could, and provide crucial time to take action against the fire. Plus, having at least one smoke alarm per storey in your home or office is law.

Here are a couple of stats that really drive […]

The Truth About Fires Caused by Damaged Electrical Wiring

This year alone there have been three devastating house fires in Sydney that have made national news headlines, one of which resulted in fatalities. In a one-year period, the Fire & Rescue NSW reports over 4,500 house fires. About 40% of these are caused by electrical issues, including damaged wiring. The scary thing is, […]

How a Rat Nearly Killed Me

You never know what could be going on with your wiring unless you get it inspected. Just wait until you hear how a rat nearly killed me!

Old or faulty wiring can be an urgent electrical hazard, and must be tended to immediately. If you’re not sure about the state of your electrical wiring, it […]

How to Power more Equipment without Using Power Boards

Any home built over 15 years ago wasn’t designed to accommodate the number of electronics that need to be plugged in today. Most households use power boards to make up for this, which isn’t the safest option. Instead, many new homes are having four way power points installed, which streamline wires and cords, and […]

The New Way to Charge Electronic Devices

Does your household have enough power points? The answer is probably no. With the average Australian household owning more than 8 internet connected devices that all need daily charging, old fashioned outlets just don’t cut it.
USB Wall Charger Power Outlets
Luckily, power outlets are starting to change to suit our technology-filled lifestyles. You can now […]