We all want to save energy and cut power bills, and with winter cut power billsupon us, we know that our energy usage is only going to increase.

Here’s 7 ways you can limit your energy use and save money during the cooler season.

1. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Electricity

When possible, use electrical appliances during off-peak periods (usually early in the morning and/or late at night). Run the dishwasher, or chuck the wet washing in the dryer right before your go to bed.

2. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Did you know that washing clothes in hot water costs about $115 per year? Save hot water for showers and baths – not clothes!

3. Retain Heat with Window Coverings

Use thick, lined curtains that fit closely over your window to trap heat indoors. Heat will escape through exposed glass, particularly heat from the sun.

4. Seal Windows and Door

Ensure all your windows and door leading outside are sealed properly. Gaps can cause chilly draughts that will cool down your home and allow heat to escape.

5. Use Your Ceiling Fan

Set your ceiling fan to reverse, or the ‘winter’ setting. This will help draw warm air down, and will disperse heated air throughout your home.

6. Check Electric Blankets

If you haven’t used your electric blanket in about a year, and it’s been sitting in storage, it could have been damaged. Damaged electric blankets can use even more energy than like-new electrical blanks, and they increase the risk of electrical fire.

7. Don’t Set Heater/Air Conditioner Temperature too High

Set your heater or air conditioner to 24 degrees – no higher. Every 1 degree temperature increase after 24 degrees will use 10% more energy.

If you have any electrical problems that you believe need investigating, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 191 330, or send us a quick email.

Image credit: Brendon Wood