Outdoor lighting can transform a dark back garden into a stunning, functional space. Here are our top 10 tips for well-designed outdoor lighting:

pool lighting1. Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes less is more. Too many lights can make your house look silly! You want to create contrast between illuminated areas and dark areas. Have outdoor lighting installed selectively on paved areas, decks, by the swimming pool, or to illuminate a tree or sculpture.

2. Illuminate Paths and Steps

Not only can outdoor lighting create drama and atmosphere, it can also improve the safety of your outdoor space. Light up stairs with recessed lighting, and pathways with spike spot or bollard lights. You’ll never stumble or trip on stairs at night again!

3. Clean Outdoor Lights Regularly

You’ll need to clean exposed outdoor bulbs about every 3 months to rid them of dirt and pollen. Dirty bulbs will not work as effectively. You can clean the bulbs with water and detergent, or window/glass cleaning spray. Remember to disconnect the light before removing and washing the bulb.

4. Use Timing Switches

Save power and install a timing switch. Simply set the time you want your outdoor lights to come on and turn off. Leaving outdoor lighting on during the day and other times it isn’t needed can increase your energy bill.

5. Highlight Garden Features

What is the focal point of your outdoor space? A beautiful, old tree? An elaborate statue? A swimming pool? Floodlights and spotlights angled upwards can highlight a garden feature, creating a dramatic setting for an entertaining space. Light up the pool area, so it can be used on warm summer nights. Use outdoor lighting to draw attention to the best features of your garden.

6. Conceal All Wiring

All electrical wiring should be hidden from kids and pets. Exposed wires can cause accidents.

garden lighting7. Use Outdoor Lighting

Indoor lighting should never be used outside. Outdoor lights are sealed against moisture, and are resistant to corrosion. Indoor lights can become electrocution hazards if used outside.

8. Use Sensor Lights

Sensor lights can guide you through dark areas of you garden, and can improve the security of your home. Sensor lights are energy efficient, as they only turn on when needed.

9. Live Near the Coast?

If you live in a coastal region, opt for marine grade stainless steel, polycarbonate or aluminium outdoor lights. These materials hold up best to salty air, minimising corrosion and improving durability.

10. Use a Variety of Outdoor Lights

There are so many types of outdoor lights available: spot lights, fairy lights, coach lights, floodlights, bollard lights, and recessed lights, just to name a few. Using a variety of outdoor lights will create interest.

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